25-count C9 LED Holiday Lights, 8" Spacing

25-count C9 LED Holiday Lights, 8" Spacing

MODEL: 20348
25-count C9 LED Holiday Lights, 8" Spacing
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Multi Color
Cool White


With their traditional shape, large size, and bright lights, C9 LED lights are the go-to for all outdoor use, most commonly hung along rooflines, wrapping outdoor trees, or used along walkways. These LED strings offer the festive holiday atmosphere you know and trust, without the risk of blown fuses, broken lights, or the high energy costs of incandescent bulbs.

Available in cool white and multi color, these LEDs provide a bright, wintery spirit to your home and neighborhood. At 2.4 Watts, this string uses 90% less energy than their incandescent alternatives, minimizing your power needs and saving you money - allowing you to keep your decorations lit up all season long.


Don't Sacrifice Brightness

High quality, flicker-free LED strings provide you with consistent, brilliant light for a professional looking display.

Light Up Your Home, Not Your Bill

These holiday lights exceed ENERGY STAR qualifications, which means your holiday lights are engineered for safety and efficiency. LED holiday strands use 75% less energy than conventional incandescent light strands and can last up to ten times longer.

Get Lights that Last

Patented one-piece construction eliminates corrosion from moisture and provides a longer life for your holiday lights. New technology will have you saying goodbye to the days of one bad bulb burning out the whole string.

Wintergreen C9 Multi Color LED Lights
Wintergreen C9 Cool White LED Lights

Note: All product specifications below are on a per string basis.


Power Consumption 2.4 Watts/String (.096 Watts/Bulb)
Incandescent Equivalent 175 Watts/String (7 Watts/Bulb)

Physical Attributes

Bulb Type General Use
6" lead, 8" Spacing, 6" tail, 17.0' total length
Rated Life 100,000 Hours
Color Rendering Category Good

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
U20346 (Cool White), U20348 (Multi Color)
Lighting Technology LED
Outdoor Use Yes
Dimmable No
3-Way Bulb No
Manufacturer Warranty 3 Years
ENERGY STAR Certified Yes