Embertec Emberplug AV+

Embertec Emberplug AV+

MODEL: 7005.757
Embertec Emberplug AV+
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The Emberplug AV+ is a power saving device suitable for all audio video appliances and setups, including televisions, digital cable boxes, home theater speaker systems, and game consoles. The Emberplug AV+ saves power used by the AV equipment plugged into the green power saving sockets. When there is no activity from the infrared remote that is used on the control device (such as a television remote) for 1, 2, 3, or 8 hours (selectable), it turns off the power to the AV equipment connected to the green power saving socket. In addition, there are 3 black always on sockets, for a cable box, modem, and other items you want to leave on.

The 9 foot cable connected to the Embersensor allows the infrared sensor to be located in clear view of the (IR) remote. It will monitor any activity from the remote, and power down the AV system after up to 8 hours of non-use. Then, the system will power up when a button on the remote is pushed.


Current Sensing Yes
Infrared Sensing Yes
Motion Sensing
Surge Protection (Amps) 30,000
Surge Protection (Joules)

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
Manufacturer Warranty
Limited $20,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
APS Category Tier 2

Physical Attributes

# of Master Current Sensing Outlets 1
# of Outlets Controlled by Master 0
# of Always-on Outlets 3
Total Outlets 4
Dimensions 7.1" tall x 4.9" wide x 2.3" deep

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